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Former Signpost editor on

Life's Beautiful Journey

Signpost photo by Scott Taylor
Ordained minister Wendy Spence is the founder of Life's Beautiful Journeys.
by Scott Taylor

        Sometimes, the circuitous route is more enjoyable than the direct one. Former Signpost editor Wendy Spence can attest to this. After a career in radio and a dozen years with this newspaper, Spence has found her true calling, so to speak.
        Now an ordained minister and founder of Life's Beautiful Journeys, she is legally permitted to officiate wedding ceremonies in almost any fashion the happy couple requests. But first, about that circuitous route.
        "I really enjoyed my time with the Signpost, and especially spending time in the community I love with some amazing people too. My next position was a little different at Whitecrest Mushrooms, where I was in HR and special projects. I enjoyed it and learned a lot there. I got to work with some really lovely people. It's an excellent company, but they were starting to make some changes there and so I was laid off at the end of August last year."
        Spence had already been working on becoming an ordained minister during this time and once she was no longer working full-time, she was able to devote more time to setting up her ministry, registering with the province to perform weddings, and promoting her business.
        "People change during their life, I find, and I've been fortunate enough to explore some different interests. I've changed and my career has changed along with personal changes in me."
        Weddings have also changed for many people. It used to be almost every wedding included a tuxedo, a white wedding dress, a wedding party, and a church or other place of worship.
        Now, some are choosing smaller and simpler and designed to their own personal desires. A wedding can take place virtually anywhere and a creative, thoughtful minister like Spence can take a theme and make it a dream.
        "I can offer a variety of costs and packages to suit the couple for exactly what they want for their special day," she explained. "I'm willing to work with them and co-create with them exactly the beautiful ceremony they want. There are only two requirements from the province when you do a wedding, and that's the intent and consent and the pronouncement. In a case where someone does just want something very simple and intimate - maybe just the couple, the officiant and two witnesses - I can accommodate that. It's known in the industry as a cere-mini."
        People choose a variety of venues for their nuptials, including their home, a favourite restaurant, even a coffee shop where they might have first met. Spence is ready and willing to help the couple regardless of location.
        "I'm working on getting some partners together to have a really nice backdrop for photos and the ceremony. Maybe flowers, or chocolates through another local vender and just pull it all together and make it sweet and simple, make it brief, if they like, and if they don't want a reception afterwards, that's fine too. That's where weddings are now these days. It's your day, so you can do what you want, and I'm more than honoured to be able to help people."
        Aside from weddings, Spence can officiate funerals, celebrations of life and other important events.
        "And any other ceremonies that are a part of life's journey. That's why I chose the name Life's Beautiful Journeys; you go from birth to death."

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